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Pancake batter, My Home Recipe.

Many of you have asked me for the recipe for the pancake batter .

Here are your wishes granted!

I must confess that I understand you...

Every time I make these tasty little pancakes , it reigns like a party air at home.

Discover this delicious pancake recipe, easy to make, quick to prepare and, moreover, not expensive.

  • Ingredients for 20 pancakes
  • How to
  • Tip:what ingredients should I fill my pancakes with?
  • Budget

Preparation:10 mins

Cooking:20 mins


For 4 people

Budget per person:€0.31

Ingredients for 20 pancakes

- 250 g of flour

- 2 eggs

- 50g of sugar

- 1 packet of baking powder

- 50 g of butter

- 30 cl of milk

- 1 pinch of salt

How to

1. In a bowl, I mix the flour, sugar, yeast and salt.

2. I dig a well and pour in the beaten eggs, butter and milk little by little to obtain a smooth batter.

3. I let it rest for 20 min at room temperature .

4. In a very hot oiled frying pan, I pour ladles of batter. And I cook for 2 minutes until my pancakes are golden brown.

Tip:what ingredients should I fill my pancakes with?

The ingredients are many!

Why not try topping them with a little maple syrup, whipped cream, jam or spread?

How about trying the salty version ? Bacon, cheese or bacon?


- 250 g of flour:€0.56 per kilo, i.e. €0.14

- 2 eggs:€0.50

- 50 g of sugar:€1.17 per kilo, i.e. €0.06

- 1 sachet of baking powder:i.e. 11 g at €0.09

- 50 g of butter:€4.88 per kilo, i.e. €0.24

- 30 cl of milk:€0.69 per liter or €0.21

An addition of€0.31 per person or €1.24 for 4 people.