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Refreshing Sorbets at 10 Cents Ready in 2 min.

As soon as the sunny days and the heat arrive, who doesn't treat yourself to a nice refreshing ice cream?

Get some syrup and water and I'll explain how to save €15 in 5 months.

We all love ice cream. But one per day at 2 €, it gets expensive. So make them at home. It's cheaper and you know what's in it.

Mom took me out her ice cream molds to give them to me. Owl, I had forgotten them.

On the other hand, the taste and the pleasure that his homemade ice cream gave me, I frankly remembered it well :D

1. Quick preparation

Back home, I started right away. I mixed a glass of mint syrup in a liter of water (1 min chrono) and I filled my ice cream molds (30 sec) and HOP in the freezer (5 sec).

Nothing simpler, right?

Like an impatient child, I jumped on one of my ice creams when it was finished (a good 4 hours later).

Well just a little quack, it is not always easy, depending on the molds, to detach the ice in question. Just a little bit of patience and I was satisfied :p

2. Variants

You can of course mix any other syrup, but also sodas for those who want or squeezed or brick fruit juices. It is also possible to mix milk and chocolate or milk and coffee with sugar.

One thing I also love to do is add a teaspoon of jam to the bottom of my molds. A delight! I let you innovate.

Savings achieved

Even if the cheapest sorbets on the market come at a price per ice cream of 0.20 €, they are certainly less good than other slightly more expensive ice creams, and we frankly do not know all the additives added to them.

Making homemade sorbets means making sure you know what you are going to eat for a cost per ice cream of €0.10 maximum . And children are usually happy to prepare their own ice cream.

In short, over 5 months of heat (yes, I'm quite optimistic;)) at the rate of one sorbet a day, it's easy to save €15 by making your own ice cream rather than buying first-price sorbets at the supermarket. And compared to ice cream bought in the city center by unit, you will save more than €220 over the year ! Convinced?

Your turn...

If not, which flavor of ice cream do you prefer? I let you react in comments. Roll on summer!