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The Amazing Trick To Peel A Clementine In 10 Seconds Flat.

Clementines are so good but not easy to peel!

If you want to avoid getting it everywhere, you have to have the right technique.

Fortunately, there is a trick to peel this little citrus fruit without getting your hands dirty.

And this, in just 10 seconds flat!

All you need to easily remove the skin from a clementine is your 2 hands. Watch:

How to

1. Turn the clementine upside down.

2. With your thumb, make a hole in the middle of the clementine where there is the black dot.

3. Now insert your second thumb in the same place.

4. Pull to cut the clementine in half.

5. Turn out each side of the clementine and enjoy.

6. Once peeled, consider reusing the bark with these tricks.


There you go, you now know how to peel a clementine in 10 seconds :-)

Easy, fast and efficient, right?

You don't even need to use a knife!

No more getting it all over the place and struggling to remove the skin.

It's still much more practical that way.

Your turn...

Have you tried this trick to peel a clementine easily? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can't wait to read you!