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The other way around even tastier

To avoid a rut, it's refreshing to do something completely different sometimes or to look at the world upside down.

Slightly different
Doing something a little different is already effective, by the way. Take a different route to work, do your shopping at a different supermarket, try a new recipe or a new snack.

Tasty snacks
At the editorial office of Santé, we are always up for new snacks. One of our latest discoveries is the Hero Fruit Ice Cream with Real Cream. Super tasty and slightly different than we are used to. Ice cream with a little fruit is better known, but at Hero they turned it around:pure fruit ice cream with real cream. Conversely, it is surprisingly tasty and a lot healthier.

What's in it?
A tub of Hero Fruit Ice Cream with Real Cream contains 175 ml, of which 60 percent consists of fruit. The ice cream contains 75 kcal per 100 ml. It is therefore a perfect portion for in between. This means that Hero's ice cream is a responsible snack that you can take without feeling guilty. The ice creams are made from 100% natural ingredients without artificial fragrances, colors or flavors.

More information
Hero Fruit Ice Cream with Real Cream is available in the flavors Mango/Passion Fruit, Red Fruit and Cherry. All in combination with real cream of course. Also look at