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5 recipes with prosecco

There is apparently a day dedicated to prosecco. Five days ago. As far as we're concerned, it's always time for a drink with prosecco and that's why we share a number of variations.

1. Prosecco with Aperol
Put a slice of lemon in the glass and then fill it with 20ml Aperol, 60ml prosecco and 40ml sparkling water.

2. Prosecco sorbet
Put a tub of sorbet ice cream outside the freezer for five minutes. For example, opt for pear sorbet, raspberry sorbet, lime sorbet or mango sorbet. Mix about 0.75 liters of prosecco with the mixer. By adding a dash of vodka, you turn it into a sgroppino.

3. Raspberries in prosecco Mix 400 grams of raspberries with a tablespoon of powdered sugar and 4 tablespoons of raspberry liqueur and some mint leaves for 4 people. Let it marinate for an hour in the fridge. Then put some raspberries in the glasses and pour prosecco over it, make sure that the raspberries are just not completely under the prosecco.

4. Fresh watermelon prosecco
Mix 60ml freshly squeezed watermelon juice with 120ml prosecco.

5. Lemon prosecco
Pour 45ml gin, 15ml lemon juice and 7.5ml maple syrup (or other sweet syrup) into a cocktail shaker, along with some ice cube. Shake it, pour it into a glass and add a splash of prosecco.