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Attention vegetarian croquette lovers:McDonalds launches vegetarian croquette

Fast food chain is in a vegetarian flow. After the vegetarian nuggets, they are now also launching the vegetarian croquette.

The fast food chain is responding to the increasing demand for vegetarian products. The vegetarian version of the McKroket is made from a protein-rich meat substitute with a structure like pulled pork with parsley.

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Temporary action

The croquette bread replaces the vegetarian nuggets. It is still a temporary promotion for now. You can order it in the Dutch branches until 23 November. Spokesperson for McDonalds, Eunice Koekoek:“You have to prepare vegetarian dishes in a separate chip shop, and due to limited space, we cannot offer everything at once. But if there is enough interest, we do not rule out the possibility that the vegetarian McKroket will eventually appear on the permanent menu.”