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Nutrition:21 fruits and vegetables to consume to boost your body and detoxify your body

Here we are, the beautiful days are coming back, stop hibernation and bad food reflexes; we take our body in hand. For this on the one hand sport, on the other, what we put on our plate, green, good, beautiful. The time has indeed come to offer spring to our body and thereby to our mind. So when you go shopping, opt for these 20 fruits and vegetables because they are like love letters that we would send to our body. So from this top, we say yes to lemon, yes to salsify, yes to celery and the other gems that nature offers us and that our slideshow invites you to contemplate before cooking them and finally tasting them.

Nutrition:focus on the fruits and vegetables that appear on the shelves in March

To be in great shape until the official arrival of spring, don't forget to consume at least 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day, by favoring seasonal fruits and vegetables varying them as much as possible. Because the idea at the end of this pandemic winter is now clearly to stock up on essential nutrients (fibre, vitamins, trace elements and minerals …) and this with a very low calorie intake. To do this, there is nothing better than choosing vegetables such as cabbage, spinach or asparagus. Rich in sugars, vitamins and minerals, beets will also be ideal for detoxifying your body and toning it up. So we don't forget more than ever, health is the plate. Let us now conclude this invitation to healthy living with this aphorism from William Shakespeare "Our body is our garden, and our will is its gardener .