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The incredible recipe for Ikea cookies

All Ikea lovers have already been snacking on the famous Havreflarn:small oatmeal pancakes with chocolate contours. After pushing your shopping cart all day, these crunchy little bites make us forget the ordeal of choosing our sofa! this little biscuit, also called Kakor Chokladflarn, reconciles young and old whether it is enjoyed in the parking lot of Ikea, in his new kitchen or at the office with his coffee.

It's time to be able to make them warm at home for a snack... It's good it's Wednesday, we can crack.

The recipe is very simple and the result is identical or even better with good quality chocolate.

For 25 double pancakes (i.e. 50 single pancakes) you will need:

• 100g rolled oats

• 150 g of sugar

• 90 g of margarine

• 35 g of flour

• 30 g egg (half an egg)

• 2 drops of liquid vanilla

• 1 teaspoon of baking powder

• 1 small pinch of salt

• 200g chocolate couverture


Well here we go, put on your little apron and turn on your music:it's going to rock!

First mix the oat flakes until you get a not too fine powder.

Then mix the powder with the sugar, flour and salt. Take your melted margarine and mix it all together (a bit of exercise never hurts!). When you feel that you get a paste, add the half-egg and the vanilla… And then it's off again, we mix then we rest, letting it cool for at least two hours.

We then arrive at the small balls stage:we shape small balls of 8g and place them on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper (no need to crush them... they like to spread out when they are in the oven, like us on the beach in the summer).

A word of advice:leave a good 5 centimeters between each dumpling, otherwise they will stick to each other. Then leave it to your oven:put your galettes to cook for 7 min (to be adapted according to your oven) at 200°C. You have to get golden and crispy patties then you let them cool.

And this is where the gluttony becomes downright indecent:melt the chocolate in a bain-marie then dip the outline of a biscuit in the still hot chocolate and place it on a plain biscuit. To finish, just let it cool and have fun (and that rhymes).

The result is stunning and the galettes keep very well so you can eat them every day or share them a lot... It depends, we won't judge you!