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Pizza:best eaten by folding it

Red alert on planet food:what if, forever, we ate pizza badly? No, it's not about choosing the wrong flavors (all tastes are in nature after all!), but about how you taste it. And it's to a pizza specialist (yes, there is), the Englishman Daniel Young, also author of the guide Where to eat pizza ("Where to eat pizza", unfortunately not yet translated into French), that we owe this revelation.

The good pizza is a thin crust pizza

If he wants to be an expert on the question, it is because he was trained by an Italian chef, Enzo Coccia, who passed on to him the secrets of pizza, and in particular the right way to eat it. "I find it a little ridiculous to say that there are rules for eating pizza," he told the Manchester Evening News , “but I think that before breaking rules, it is better to know them. He also explains that the real pizza, the one inspired by the Neapolitan original, has a thin and soft dough. Except that… who says soft dough says that it is difficult to eat it by hand (hello slippery foods!). And that's the trick:rather than holding the pizza by the edge, you just have to fold it. Transforming your slice of pizza into origami would therefore be the solution to eating it by hand, preventing the topping and sauce from getting lost. And then, it's classy to be able to say "Yes, I fold my pizza to eat it, that's how they do it in Naples", right?

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