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Wine Glass Mask allows you to smell and taste wine simultaneously

Smell the wine is a step included in the tasting, it allows to detect the aromas and precedes the appetizer. But it is possible to optimize the experience thanks to a new object that allows you to smell and taste the aromas simultaneously:the Wine Glass Mask. The invention, developed by the American industrial designer James Piatt, is, as its name suggests, a glass whose outline takes the form of a mask in which you can slip your nose. On each side of the container, “air holes” make the tasting even better according to the creator:“ the molecules of the wine mix with the nitrogen and oxygen present in the air. Holes in the front of the Wine Glass Mask reduce the flow of nitrogen and oxygen and increase the speed at which they "meet" the wine aromas in the glass as you inhale “, he tells the site Metro . Very elaborate, all that…

Suitable for all faces

More simply, this ventilation system allows the wine to release more "vapours" on its surface, which enriches its aromas and taste. "The lens is actually an extension of the face, unlike normal lenses which are round because it's easier to make them that way “, he continues. And to add “Your wine experience will never be the same ". Just that ! And no one will be harmed:the unique shape of this somewhat special object has been designed for all face types. James Piatt has created a fundraising campaign on the website Kickstarter to launch production and hopes to raise $77,000 (€72,000) in 22 days. If the operation is successful, the Wine Glass Mask will be sold for around €23 each, but the first products will be priced at €15.

So, are you tempted by investing?