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Freshness and elegance, the hallmarks of Laurent Perrier wines

The heritage of a daring Maison
Founded in 1812, Maison Laurent-Perrier is the result of a strong family heritage, whose imprint is marked by a desire for uniqueness and above all to bring taste and innovation in the wine market. Precursors, rigorous and daring, the founders then managers of this House, will be able to make over time vintages of very great prestige. While they are reinventing the spirit of champagne by infusing freshness and elegance, they are betting (succeeded!), by playing meticulously on blends and grape varieties, to offer a new vision of champagne and will be the pioneers of the wine of 'aperitif. Producer of ultra-premium cuvées, which gracefully accompany the best gastronomic meals, Maison Laurent-Perrier has become a reference whose art is to delight all palates.

The Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé, the alliance of pleasure and elegance
Particularly appreciated by women for its freshness and delicacy, the Cuvée Rosé is distinguished by its aromas of fresh red fruits. From the best vintages of the Reims mountain, this cuvée is the benchmark for rosé which reveals the greatest richness of Pinot Noir. Supple and round wine, its elegant dress with raspberry colors gracefully signs its femininity.

Also, if the Cuvée Rosé has been able to find a place for itself, it is because beyond the olfactory and gustatory pleasures imbued with intensity and liveliness that it provides, this champagne is recognized for its extreme consistency.

And as the House rightly reminds us, “quality of the wine, quality of the people, is the key to success”. Beyond a philosophy, Laurent-Perrier makes it a point of honor to ensure regularity in its rigor and high standards and has worked for generations with partners who share the same values, whether winegrowers or cellar masters. The longevity and strength of their ties play a key role in the success of the house's wines.

The Cuvée Rosé Laurent-Perrier goes with finesse to your favorite dishes. Whether you opt for raw fish, fine charcuterie, duck or cheese, it is the appetizer that will give character to your gourmet moments.

And for the end-of-year celebrations, Laurent-Perrier still has many surprises in store. The “Constellation” Dress, in limited edition, is the perfect setting for this Cuvée Rosé for the end of the year. More audacity, more elegance, this metallic color magnificently sublimates this wine by revealing all the brilliance that characterizes it. Enough to impress your guests!

Invite the majestic Grand Siècle to your sophisticated table
Another emblematic wine of the house, the Grand Siècle is a prestigious cuvée, the fruit of Laurent-Perrier's particular know-how. Let yourself be transported by this wine of excellence which reveals an exceptional depth.

Grape varieties of Pinot Noir de Champagne (45% approx.) and Chardonnay (55% approx.), only three great vintage years have been blended. The grands crus are therefore in the spotlight and it shows. Its elegant black bottle, worthy of the master glassmakers of the 17th century, embodies the elegance and strength, undeniable characteristics of this wine which offers a palate full of flavor.

You will serve it as an aperitif to open the festivities with nobility or as an accompaniment to your most refined dishes. Its structure, finesse and freshness will give even more character to your finest dishes. A great way to brilliantly handle the art of standing out!

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