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Every foodie understands these things

If you're a foodie, you kind of have a unique view of the world, at least when it comes to food, and you feel connected to others who see it the same way. Without having to say anything, you just know how they feel – at least when it comes to food. The things below are what most foodies understand.

1. You go all over town to go to your favorite food store or restaurant.

2. Shopping is an art. You scan the aisles for the best and coolest new products; you go to the pure market to find the freshest produce and you come home ridiculously happy when you score something nice.

3. Feel free to take a road trip to try that restaurant on the other side of the country.

4. Food takes up a large part of your budget.

5. When you travel, you spend hours searching online for the best restaurants that you absolutely must visit.

6. Your favorite chef is a celebrity. It doesn't matter if they are world famous or run a small restaurant in your town, to you, they are celebrities.

7. The kitchen is a laboratory. You'll spend hours in the kitchen experimenting with different ingredients to get your recipe just right. When dining out, you try to find out all the ingredients in your meal so that you can recreate it at home. You are a real scientist.

8. Your Pinterest account is a work of food. All those incredible food photos! Food is art.

9. Food bloggers feel like your friends. There are food blogs that you follow for years. In fact, you know the bloggers so well that they feel like virtual friends.

10. You use food to impress dates. To impress a date, cook them an incredible dinner or give them a special breakfast in bed.

11. Food can make a date less impressive. If your date asks you to have dinner with him and doesn't make it special, you feel like he doesn't care about you. Literally. How could he give you something like that!

12. You check the ingredients of products you want to buy. For example, let's look at a regular chocolate bar. Where do the cocoa beans come from?

13. Salt, sugar and spices will do. A gourmet knows that spices, sugar and salt are flavor enhancers and make food taste better.

14. You are selective about salt in restaurants. You don't put salt in your food at restaurants without tasting it first. Why would you assume that the chef doesn't know how to season the food properly?

15. The holidays are all about the food. What would you do if you didn't try new recipes and go back to favorites for the holidays. After all, that's what it's about, right? Meeting friends and family over dinner – lots and lots of food.

16. And the holidays too. Great to try all kinds of new cuisines and dishes. If you don't like the cuisine of a country, you don't go on holiday there.

17. You wait in line for food. There's a new food truck in town and it's known for having the best hot dog/bun or whatever, ever. You will be happy to wait an hour for yours.

18. Cooking is your biggest hobby. You enjoy trying out different recipes every day, no matter how long you have to spend in the kitchen.

19. It's all about food. Whether you cook for yourself or go out to dinner, everything revolves around food for you!