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Do you drink coffee because you like it or because you need it?

There are several reasons why coffee is such a popular drink. First of all, there are a lot of people who simply find it very tasty, and drink it every day because of the taste. In addition, it is easy to get, also at the workplace, and drinking coffee together also has a social aspect. Finally, coffee is also known to give you an energy boost and keep you awake at times when you start to doze off a bit.

What type of drinker are you?

Why did you ever start drinking coffee? Chances are it was curiosity. Coffee was probably something you saw your parents and other "grown-ups" drink regularly in your childhood. No drink for children. And everything that is not allowed… Exactly! That makes curious. Perhaps you took a sip here and there at a young age, or you simply decided to make a cup yourself as a teenager.

Did you like that first cup right away? In many cases that will depend on how it was set. Did you find a 'black' cup, without milk or sugar? Then it could just be that you were cured after that. After all, the taste of it is quite different and stronger than you probably had ever drunk up to that time. Fiercely! But if you drank a cup with a lot of milk and sugar, it could just be that you liked it immediately.

Whether you continue to drink after this first cup of coffee depends on several things. The taste, of course. If you liked it, you will continue to drink it because you simply enjoyed it, or because you discovered the fun of drinking a cup of coffee together. But if you tried to drink coffee the first time because you needed it, for example to stay awake while studying for an exam, it might just become your regular habit after that. Whether you really like it or not.

Has your taste developed?

You know for sure that there are many flavours, variants and extras when it comes to coffee. But has your taste developed further after that first cup? Did your first encounter stem from filter coffee, and did you continue to drink it after that? Or did you switch to something else when buying coffee became your own responsibility?

That will again partly depend on your experiences and reasons why you drink coffee. You can make filter coffee as strong or weak as you want, which of course has many advantages. But it is also possible that you have just started looking for other flavours, softer or rounder. Either way, you probably won't soon forget your first cup of coffee, and may have had a major impact on the way you view coffee now.