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Fine warm oyster tarts "pousse en claires" from Tremblade with leek fondue

  • Large oysters n°2 (Tremblade)
  • leeks
    400 g
  • whipping cream
    80 g
  • butter
  • shortcrust pastry
    40 g
  • carrot extra 20/40 mm
    80 g
  • for the shortcrust pastry:type 55 flour
    1 kg
  • fine salt
    10 g
  • fresh eggs 55/60
  • butter
  • water
    12 cl


    Shortcrust pastry procedure:

    Arrange the flour in a crown, break the whole eggs in the centre, add the salt, water and kneaded butter, gradually absorb the flour into the elements in the centre, knead, mill.
    The finished dough, you roll it into a ball and lightly flour it if you do not want to use it immediately.

    Recipe sequence:

    Open the oysters over a container, taking care not to damage them, wash these oysters in their water to remove pieces of scales, then filter the juice from the oysters, set aside.

    Prepare the dough and spread it thin on a work surface, cut out circles of 10 or 12, cook at 180° on a silpat, peel and wash the chopped leeks until they are dark green, cut this green into julienne and blanch, also blanch the chopped leeks and sweat them in a little butter, add the cream, salt (very lightly) pepper, set aside.

    Put oyster juice in a sauté pan and reduce, add the whipping cream, salt if necessary and pepper, add a small knob of butter.

    Poach the oysters in this juice for 30 seconds just to cool them down without cooking them, decant and arrange them on the tartlet taken out of the oven, place the latter on a plate surrounded by julienne of leeks, coat each oyster with the sauce, add a small cord around.